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This is my safe for work and mod ask blog. So feel free to ask me questions about art or myself.

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Jade Shine Trotter

Hey guys made up a DTP for the wonderful whatsapokemon for his ask jade shine blog hear: http://ask-jade-shine.tumblr.com/


Animation bases are from the desktop pony team.
Editing and Colors by vulcan539
Jade Shine by whatsapokemon

Plains for the future


Afternoon all my wonderful followers.

As you have noticed there has been little activity hear in the past half year.
Real life took over, a mix between finishing course, a death, and a attempt at a military career, and the xmas new year period and now looking for work/further study has left me…

Art give away follower milestone picture thing.


Because I don’t do milestone pics, I’m offering to my followers the chance at 1 of 8  custom Desktop Pony/Equestria Girl trotters.

To qualify for the draw you need to

A)     Be a follower of ether my SFW or NSFW tumblr

B)      Like and/or reblog

C)   Do this by 12:01am UTC +12 (New Zealand time) Thursday 1st of August.

D)      Be lucky

I will then randomly select 8 people to make a trotter for, and contact them via PM later that day, with winners being announced publicly over the weekend.

Equestria Girls


Just watched, and have to say, it’s not as bad as I expected, but it’s not as good as I would have liked. 
Tho I found it was better than the last half of S03.


camera recording.

Very little crowd noise, Some camera shaking at the beginning, Color is a little off, and the sound isn’t perfect.
but overall its the whole movie, without losing any of the screen.

Had help with how to use PS from a few people and I really like how it turned out :D

time spent: 1 weekend
Programs used: PS CS5